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Miss my blog…


Hello dollies!!! I miss writing in my blog. Been busy with work and teaching applications/interviews. Next week I kind of get a lot more time so will be catching up then! Pix is me catching my breath after 20 minutes HIIT sprint. 15 seconds sprints, 1 minute rest. At first I thought it would be super easy…. NOT. lol. Loving it though.

Monday March 4th, 2013

Hello my fearless readers.

Today’s motivational video is a little movie focused, but I just needed me a little Rocky Balboa action. I think I need to watch that movie. Lol. Today I am starting my MFT 28 program. I am a little scared of failing. Not being able to push as hard as it is demanded, but worse of all that perhaps at the end of 28 days there won’t be a difference. Which I know is a big FAT ASS LIE that my old fat self is pushing at me.

THERE WILL BE A CHANGE!!! Whether my eating changes or the body, the MIND will definitely change after these 28 days because I will be able to do things that I have never done before.

Someone in the video states “I am motivated by fear.” That is so true of me. I have always been. Before though I would let it motivate me to eat more and suppress that fear. Now the fear is that I will go back to being the little overweight girl I used to hate being. Now my fear is of letting all the hard work I have put in so far go to waste. That is why I work-out as much as I do because I have worked too hard to just let it fall.

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU?! To get up every morning and hit that gym or that asphalt?

All you chumps will bow down….I will show all of ya how great I am!!!! Another great saying in the video. What we do, what you are doing to change your life….thousands of people run from it. Do not ever forget that and especially do not forget it in moments of weakness and cravings. You are 1 in a 100.

“Now if you know what you’re worth, go out and get what you’re worth, but you gotta be willing to take the hits and not pointing fingers saying you aint where you want to be cause of him or her anybody, cowards do that and that aint you!” -Stallone.

Daaaammmmnnnn I didn’t know he had that IN him. Amen. Go get what you are worth!!! Finger pointing is for the lazy, for the weak, for the cowards. In order to live you can not point fingers. You have to take action and take what you are worth!

I can’t say much about this video. It does the work itself. I will be watching this video in the mornings to get me set up. To set me up for success.. I was not fortunate enough to have a mother or father who promoted this. Who told me every day that I was a champion, that I could always do whatever I wanted, that I could change not only the world, but most importantly myself. I do not blame or judge it is just a fact.

But I will give it to myself. Who am I? I am the champion!!!!!

WHO AM I ?!!!!!!!!!!! I AM THE CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Be a little dark tonight. ;)

Saturday March 2nd, 2013

Hello beauties out there.,

I hope you are having a joyful Saturday. If you are not, then make it! You only get this Saturday. This Saturday won’t repeat itself. Only ONE March 2nd 2013. On that note, get all prettied up/handsomed up and hit the town. With your friends or on your own. The own part might be a little intimidating, but once you do it a couple of times it gets easier. Trust me I know!

Try this look for your evening out. If it comes out awesome then head on out to a movie or a drink. If not, well then, call it a movie night in and try again! LIVE YOUR LIFE, don’t just exist.

I love the long hair. I can not wait to have it long again. :D

I love the long hair. I can not wait to have it long again. 😀

This was my first time trying to do the smokey eye look, with blacks and a very dark grayish blue. I really like this look. I got rather comfortable with it at one point and was all I wore. Do not make that mistake. Plenty of colorful ways to stand out. And to any ladies out there trying to catch the eye of men. Color is the way to go. Men are attracted to sexy color. A red heel vs. a black heel. A colorful eyeshadow vs. a neutral. All of course with keeping in mind your outfit and all that good stuff.

I also did a bit of the black greyish blue on the bottom lid.

I also did a bit of the black greyish blue on the bottom lid. Not a lot though! 

Yet, the smokey look is still a look that is good to wear once in awhile. I haven’t worn it in awhile. Perhaps I will try it this Friday. 🙂

Now…I created this look a long time ago. I think this is what I did…….I started with a black eyeliner pencil and colored in the bottom lid, topping it off with a black eyeshadow, blending out. On the crease I used a beautiful dark grayish blue. I just love how it looks and blends. It is awesome. With the smokey look it is important that you blend the colors well. Most of my time spent during this creation was just blending the colors to each other and then with the crease blending it out. Without focusing blending it might look too dark and will result in the dreaded raccoon eye look.

muuuaaaaaah *kisses*

muuuaaaaaah *kisses*

The rest of the face I tried to stay very nudeish, but I love lip color, so I added a bit of pink on the lips. People recommend not making the lips so dramatic since your eyes are already the center of attention. I have worn a bright red lip before with this look and I was happy with it. It is all up to you 🙂

Alrighty pretties. Have a very fun Saturday, at home or out.




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