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April 30th, 2013

Hello Readers!!!

Today’s thought comes from the motivational video from yesterday. At the end of the video a statement is made.

Make a choice. Just decide what is going to be, who you are going to be, how you are going to do it. Just DECIDE. 

The more important thing is this. To be able at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you will become. 

Every day that passes by I grow a bit more, not only physically, but point of view as well. As I continue to develop my weight loss program I have come to the conclusion that I do not believe in giving in. I do not believe in treats, I do not believe in cheat meals, I do not believe we deserve M&Ms once in awhile, I do not believe in being nice towards food.

I want to be a powerful, thin/toned, healthy, beautiful woman and I am willing to sacrifice what little cravings and weaknesses I currently have in order to become my dream. Therefore, this is exactly the kind of women I want to help transform other women into. I am so sick and tired seeing how we women can be so independent and hard working in most parts of their lives yet we come across a piece of chocolate and become little weaklings. We give up all our ideals, we give up all the hard work we have put in the gym, we give up the commitments we made to ourselves and others, we fall to our knees to bow down to that piece of food.


What’s worse is that we excuse it over and over again. We give ourselves a thousand and one reasons why we need or deserve that harmful food and seem to completely forget all the reasons why we don’t want to eat it. All those reasons don’t come flowing in until the cake is gone. Then we begin feeling guilty and put ourselves down for failing. For eating something we knew we shouldn’t or worse we actually feel it was ok to eat what we did. So the next time there is another slice of cake it becomes so much easier to say yes to it. Until we are back to square one, saying yes to all the crappy food out there because we have lost sight of our dreams and goals.

The reality of it is that at some point, of resisting eating sweets and breads, you no longer miss them. You only crave them when you are feeling negatively which then triggers you to deal with your emotions instead of eating them. It takes a lot of time to build that habit, but it really does happen. You just have to be ready to sacrifice what you are now, for what you want to become. Personally for me, I hated who I was and was more than happy to sacrifice her in exchange for who I am now. Even now I continue to sacrifice parts of me to maintain who I am and who I will continue to develop to become.


It is all a choice and you have to decide whether you are ready to sacrifice what you are now for who you desire to become. If you are not ready to sacrifice it, if you are not ready to give up your favorite dessert, if you are not ready to give up your favorite fried food, if you are not ready to give up all unhealthy foods, then you are just wasting time and energy. Might as well give up now and live the life you have so far created because you will never reach the life you dream and desire.


Dreams and desires are not given, they are taken. It reminds me of the Aztecs sacrifices. You need to be ready to sacrifice everything in order to get to the heart and offer it to the gods. In order to offer it to yourself. Your heart is where your dreams live, so are you ready to sacrifice everything else in order to save your beating heart?

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MVM: Pain is Temporary

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Hello Dollies,

The end of the month is here! I swear time just flies when you get older. I wish it could just slow down as slow as it was when I was 20. Dang it!

Today’s motivational video was a game changer for me. It was what finally clicked in me and told me to get organized! For a year and three months I have been battling with this 135-145lbs body. In a year I went from 220 to 140lbs, but since then I have not been able to make much improvement. One of my most frustrating things has been my belly. It just won’t budge. It wont! I keep trying exercise after exercise, but NADA. Now I am not ungrateful for all of my hard work because it has changed my body to look much toner.

One of the things I realized, a few months ago, was that my diet really had to change if I really wanted the belly to change. I had to buckle down and not only eat a clean diet, but a clean designated diet. That means that I would have to plan my meals. Oh how I did not like this idea, I am still not a great fan of it. I kept putting it aside and putting it aside, ignoring the reality facing me. It is no secret that food is key to belly change along with exercise.

It wasn’t until I saw this video that I became determined to make the change. To stop the excuses of “I don’t want to get bored with my food, I don’t have time to plan it all, I don’t want to be eating chicken every day, I like variety in my diet.” It was when I saw those men in the kitchen creating their meals that the truth slapped me across the face. If what I truly desired was a smaller belly then I had to do what they were doing. I had to cook my meals, measure them, and prepare them the cleanest way possible. If I wanted to change my life, I had to change my focus, again. I had changed focus two years ago and accomplished what I set myself to do. Now it was time for another change. It was time to stop wasting my time and see my hard work across my body.

I know what I am worth and I will go for it. I am worth a lot more than variety in my diet. I am worth a lot more than eating a fruit whenever I want. I am worth a lot more than a handful of unplanned nuts. I am worth a lot more than food. Food serves me and not the other way around. Food is meant to create the beauty I desire and nothing more. I believe this step of planning my meals will get me closer to changing my mentality to that.

What is the next change for you? Are you ready to sacrifice what you are, for what you will become.



P.S. I do quite enjoy the energy and speech Mike Tyson gives. Its quite exhilarating. 😀








Happy Sunday!!!

I do truly believe that the universe gives you dreams and desires with complete knowledge that you have the power to make them true. The only that usually needs to convinced of this is us.



Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Hello Dollies and Gents!

I hope you woke up with a smile on your face and a thankfulness to the world that your eyes opened this morning. Today’s motivational video comes from MuscleProdigyTV on youtube. Off the bat though, a little warning, it is a little hard to hear the words behind the music. The music is a little too loud. So you will have to pay a little more attention. Yet the intensity is there. I love seeing bodybuilding men. Not necessarily because I think they are hot, which that much muscle kinda doesn’t really turn me on, but because it amazes me what the mind and body can create. It amazes me to see how men can commit to something so hard and accomplish it with hard work and dedication. It’s art.

One of the things that got triggered for me is about failing and trying again, not giving up. As I have mentioned before weight loss never stops for people who were as overweight as I was. For people, like me, that food has become a drug. It is an endless battle that I fight every single day. Every single day I have to say no to a million things, especially when I am out and about.

I have had to come to terms with my own mini failures as well. There have been meals, in which not only did I not eat healthy, but also lacked the will to go and work-out. Time in which I spent endlessly hating myself for being sedentary, instead of doing what I know its right. Those have been my failures. Before my failures used to be driving through the McDonalds drive-thru or eating a slice of cake. Each time though, that I did fail, that I did not stay true to what I knew was best for my body I would get up again and try again. I have not given up. It is harder to give up now that I am thinner, but even when I was at 210lbs and had eaten that cookie I wasn’t supposed to, I didn’t give up. I didn’t give up on my diet, on my exercise, on myself, and to those I was committed to. I picked myself from that floor I had thrown myself onto and tried again.

I tried so many times and failed so many times, but here I am now, 85 lbs. later. Will the failures stop now? Will I always follow my rules of being at the gym at least 5 times a week and eating a clean diet? I believe I will, but I know that if I do fail it will not stop me. I will not lay there and be trampled by failures. I will have the integrity and courage to get up and get back on my feet. I will be different. I will learn and as long as the getting up part is one more than the failure part I will be ok. I will be great. I will not be a sheep, I choose to fight, live and not die. I choose to live the life I want.

Next time you fail, next time you have that chocolate you weren’t supposed to, next time you make the choice not to go to the gym, just know you just need to get back up again. Make your courage stronger than your fear. Be who you were meant to be. Be different, be unique, be you.




Another week goes by and another week was lived. You are the creator of your life and of your destiny. You are the sole person responsible for creating what you desire. If you want a specific life then create it, don’t settle for what was given. It is not easy. To really live what your dreams are takes courage and work….a lot of work.




Saturday April 20th, 2013

I hope you are all having a beautiful Saturday today! Then again every day is a beautiful day. Today’s little get out and about hike is located at the Año Nuevo State Park, a few miles north of Santa Cruz. This park follows the coast and it is filled with elephant seals!!!

Call it luck or whatever, this second hike was freaking beautiful as well! The day was not only clear and blue, but it was also very warm by the end. At first I was very worried that it might actually be a sucky day. The weather forecast had called for some rain and as we drove towards Santa Cruz it seemed our day was going to be covered by grey skies. Yet, as we approached, the clouds began moving into the mountains and the coast cleared up. By the time our hike was over it was blue all over and it was super warm! I could have not ask for a better day to see some awesome elephant seals.

Año Nuevo Point is where a rookery of elephant seals gather, from December to March, to do their annual social thing. Moms come and have their babies, stay with them for four weeks, then go mate, and head back to the ocean. The male elephant seals are not as friendly during this time since it is mating season and are battling with other males for good spots. The weaners (baby elephant seals) hang around the beach, after being with their moms for 4 weeks, and learn how to swim before heading out into the ocean.

You can actually see elephant seals year round since they travel on their own and come upon the beach at their own time. After 3-4 months (after the mating season) they come back to molt their skin. At that time the males are a lot friendlier with each other.

It was so awesome seeing these animals! I mean I will give it to you that they are just laying there sunbathing, but they are amazing nonetheless. It was so cool seeing the babies practicing their swimming skills by ocean. Only going in a few feet in and swimming side to side. Did you know they are born without knowing how to swim?! This actually results in a few of them dying because they drown. I was sadden to learn that 😦 .

There is also an island at Año Nuevo Point in which the people that guarded the lighthouse lived on. They built a fence around their house in order to keep the seals outside of it. I thought that was funny. Now it is taken over by seals and they have made it their home.

Anywhoos…hope you like the pics. I was using my phone and its not a great picture taker. I have some in my camera, but missing the cord to connect it to my computer :/ . I tell ya. Lol

Have a great weekend.




These details are from the Moon Book: 101 Great Hikes of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Name: Año Nuevo Point Trail
Level: Easy
Distance: 3.0 miles
Time: 2.5 hours
Elevation: Negligible

“Summary: A trip to Año Nuevo in the winter months provides a show you’ll never forget” -Ann Marie Brown (Author)


P.S. I was playing with the Create Gallery option from wordpress so forgive me for the variety. I just wanted to see how it all worked out. I like the slideshow option one. The small pictures if you click on them it will take you to see them in a slideshow and bigger. 😀

Thursday April 18th, 2013


Alrigties I have two videos for you all today. Music is very important for my work outs. It is what keeps me pushing set after set, especially towards the end when I have been pushing for an hour or so. One of THE songs that just gives me that oomph….that mean push to keep going is Mercy by Kanye West.

I use this song for my hard exercises. Here is an example in which I ALWAYS use this song for. I use it a lot during my leg days, but especially at the end when I do Barbell Step-Ups. In these exercises you put a barbell over your shoulders, like you do when you are going to do a squat, then step up and down on a platform.

Depending on the day I can go from having 20lbs to 30lbs on the barbell. Then I push to do at least 12 reps for sets 1 and 2. During that time the song plays almost to the end and I have to restart it at some point. By the time I get to the 3rd set I am set up at the beginning of Kanye’s part. On my third set I set myself up to do 12 reps in each leg. After those 12 reps I begin alternating my legs as I step up and down the platform. I keep going until the end of the song. I do not let myself stop until the song has stopped. By the end not only is my heart rate up, but I am a little sweaty and feeling like a BEAST! I feel so strong and powerful. Like yeah! I just did all that and now WHAT?! I am also finished and ready to hit the showers….that is why I leave it until the end.

I just like the pace of the song and the intensity of it. I do need that male energy in my head blazing when pushing hard. I don’t know what it is…..probably the testosterone energy they are giving off, but I just need that. Not a love song or a club beat, but a hard core song. Which is what this song provides. No, I do not know all the lyrics and I am sure they are not all nice, but whatevers. It is not what matters to me. What matters is that it can trigger my motivation to keep pushing. Have an awesome Thursday!

Mercy by Kanye West

(This is the explicit version.)

MVM on a Tuesday

Wells …. forgot to schedule this for yesterday, but here it is today! yay! Have an awesome week. 😀

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Happy Lunes Muñequitas!

Today’s motivational video comes from Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The speech given by Arnold states the 6 steps to success . Now I am no expert about his political, movie, or fitness career, but I do know that when it comes to bodybuilding he is one of the most admired bodybuilders out there. He had the body that many bodybuilders now a days work hard for. So give him a shot and check out his little motivating speech. I swear you will be able to understand him!

All the steps are great advice, especially when you are building a body of health and fitness. Yet, one of the steps that really hit home was step 4. Step 4 is Do not listen to those who say you can’t. It hit home for me not because I had people saying I couldn’t, but because I was the one telling myself I couldn’t. I was the one creating all these excuses. “I am tired., I had a long day, I am stressed, I didn’t sleep well, My job is boring, This is how God made me (yes I even blamed it on him), I was meant to be like this.” On and on the excuses went. So then when Arnold mentions that you should not listen to those people who say you can’t, I immediately thought, “including ourselves!”. Do not listen if you are telling yourself it is too hard or that you can not do something. It is just lies invented to keep you in the past that you no longer want to live in. Trust that you can and will be able to achieve it. I do.

Happy Monday!!!



Happy Sunday: Live Now

Happy Sunday all of yous! Get up, get happy, get going! Fear is man made … so are regrets. Live today like you were meant to live.




Saturday April 13th, 2013

Good Morning Dollies,

The light at the end of the tunnel.

The light at the end of the tunnel.

About a year ago I bought Moon Book’s: 101 Great Hikes of the San Francisco Bay Area. My first attempt at hiking a trail from the book resulted in me being super cold and being told I shouldn’t be hiking alone. After that I kinda didn’t touch the book until about a year later. Once I realized the weather was just too beautiful to take for granted I decided I would not just collect hiking books. I would use them! So I have began my hiking journey. Hope you enjoy the pics and words behind them. Also perhaps it will get you to explore your own area and discover what beauties hide behind the concrete walls.

Map from book

Map from book

Seagulls chilling in the Pescadero Marsh

Seagulls chilling in the Pescadero Marsh

My strategy with the hikes is to complete all the trails labeled easy by the author, then move up from there. To kick things off, I headed off to a marsh that boarded the coast of California. Do I need to say more!

Let me just say that the day was beyond beautiful. I could have not ask for a better day to start my exploration of trails in the bay area. The skies were blue, with very little white clouds, and the sun was shining brighter than ever. IT WAS MAGNIFICENT. The trail heads off from the beach and as we walked farther away from it, and into the marsh, I just knew we would be back to just chill and admire that beauty as well.

The Pescadero Creek running through.

The Pescadero Creek running through.

The Sequoia Audubon Trail heads into the Pescadero Marsh in which the Pescadero Creek runs through. At the entrance of the hike driftwood litters the beach next to the beginning of the creek. It is a great place for a day out on the beach or perhaps even a bonfire. Not sure they are legal there, but there was evidence of some that have happened in the past.

Right through here please

A bath tub ... yes an orange bath tub,

A bath tub … yes an orange bath tub,

As I walked through the easy trail I was just overwhelmed by the uninterrupted sky. It seemed so endless and grand.

We walked on and passed little bridges, fallen trees, and trees who have grown in all directions without the restriction of buildings.

Are you there Mr. Sun?

Are you there Mr. Sun?



The trail ends where the flatten part of the marsh clashes with the forest of very tall, thin, trees. The hike was really easy and a great start for a beginner like me. It definitely triggered in me the desire to continue on exploring.

Clear blue skies

Clear blue skies



If you ever find yourself in California’s Bay area and somewhat near to Half Moon Bay then head out to this trail for a quick glance of the beauty that California stills holds.













On our way back we decided to stop for a little at the beach and take some pictures. At the beach we saw a group of baby seagulls testing the ocean waters. They would walk toward the water and as the tide came in, would run back so as to not get drifted away with it. It was so cute to see!!!! A rock bridge was another great sight to see and picture perfect moment.




Details from 101 Great Hikes of the San Francisco Bay Area:

*Name: Sequoia Audubon Trail

*Level: Easy

*Distance: 2.4 miles

*Time: 1 hour

*Elevation: Negligible

*Summary: Wildlife abounds on this easy exploration of Pescadero Marsh, at the meeting place of Pescadero and Butano Creeks and the Pacific Ocean” -Ann Marie Brown (Author)


Beach Pictures:

Waves crashing

Waves crashing

Little seagull cute

Little seagull chicks…so cute

Standing proud.

Standing proud.

I try to stand as proud as well.

I try to stand as proud as well.

Baby chick footprints! awwww

Baby chick footprints! awwww



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