Well it has been way too long since I last wrote an entry. Many things in my life have changed one of them being the rather lack of time or motviation to cram as much as possible in a day as I used to have before. Yet, the need to write has brought me back to this little blog. I have a desperate need for my voice to be heard as I feel that it is one that is not that common. Recently many topics have come up in regards to weight loss, beauty, and sex and I want all of ya to hear meeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Anywhooos. A quick update and then let’s get going!

I no longer live in California. I know quite a shame. I am missing it even more right now. I moved back to Alaska. I am happy with that decision since last time that I was here I was a complete hermit. I lived in Alaska for four years and did nothing but watch tv and stayed inside. I plan to change that this year. 

I have a new job that makes my days go super freaking fast, but also take up a lot of my time, which makes it hard to spend time on me, but its balancing itself out. 

Alright…thats all you have to know so far! I am looking forward to my soap box days! .