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Monday, February 4th, 2013

Evening Dollies,

Quick post tonight. Just wanted to share with all of you that I can eat cookies again!!!! I have been working hard at creating bread without flour. Today I accomplished that. I made cookies full of protein and goodness. There is absolutely no flour being used, just oats.

Cooling after baking for 30 minutes

Cooling after baking for 30 minutes

I got the recipe from the blog Watching What I Eat. I originally found it on pinterest and pinned it. Then it lead me to her blog with the recipe. I did exactly what she says except for the protein powder. I did not use vanilla. I used chocolate just because I didn’t have the vanilla and really wanted some protein in there.

The result? They are a little darker cookies than the ones shown in her pictures. They also have that chocolatey taste. I also did not add chocolate chips since well I can’t and did not want to actually. Which is funny. That I actually did not want to add chocolate chips. <<Mind Blown!!!!’

They are huge too!!!

They are huge too!!!

I had a “oh my gawd” moment. I was driving to the coffee shop thinking about writing this entry and I realized that…..I realized….*tear*….I realized I would take my no flour, no sugar, no eggs, cookies over any cake or cookie presented to me. I actually believed that I would rather eat my healthy little cookie vs. all those sugary desserts I have so craved for before. I was ASTOUNDED! I could not believe that I am actually CHANGING. I AM CHANGING.

*whispers* “The funniest thing is that I have already changed!” How I eat, what I put down, what I put in my mouth (*giggles*), seriously. It is healthy 90% of the time. No I believe 98% of the time. It is insane! I really can not believe it to be honest. I really just can not. Anywhoos. (<<My little “minimize good things” voice)

Take a peek inside. :)

Take a peek inside. 🙂

Dollies please check this cookie recipe and try it out! They are so tasty and honestly filling! You can not have more than like 2 at a seating. Great thing?! Since it is mostly protein they keep you full, unlike regular cookies that make you go back for more. *sigh* It is a good day for me. 🙂



P.S. I am thinking that you can save the trouble of spooning these and making them into cookies. Instead just dump the batter in a pan. Then once done cut into bars. PERFECT after work-out bar snack!!!!

Click on picture for recipe!!! -Watching What I Eat

7 Day Detox: Food

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Good Morning Dollies,

I have seriously been lacking on this blog entries. This week has gone rather quickly. I am quite amazed its Friday already. For some reason or another I have just not had time to write my blogs or do much of anything else, which is kinda annoying. But anywhoooos here is today.

As mentioned in earlier blogs I started a Detox on January 14th and ended it the 20th. The Detox runs for a complete seven days. In these seven days all that is consumed is veggies and fruits. More veggies than fruits of course. Along with the food restrictions you also take in some supplements to clean out your system.


Now I know perhaps you are thinking to yourself that is impossible. You really can’t do it or simply you are just not willing to sacrifice that much for your weight loss. Well I really can’t help you much with the last part. One must be really be ready to loose the weight to go through this commitment. For any program, the hardest days are the first ones and that is for sure true of this program.

The hardest thing during this 7 day cleanse, I believe, is the broadening of the mind as to what you could possibly make with just veggies. All I could think of was salads, steamed, and raw. Not that many options when you are supposed to live on them for 7 days. I have had previous experiences with restraining certain foods from my diet.  So I was able to hold on for three days with that determination. Yet, on that 4th day I was pretty sick and tired of steamed and raw veggies. I began craving something that looked and tasted like a MEAL. So I began researching. Let me tell you I didn’t find many options for recipes that used no oils, but if you look hard enough there is always a recipe you can tweak to make it fit your needs.

A Veggie Venture 2010 Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash Tagine 400

The options are out there and with internet available at our finger tips there is no reason to fail. Loosing weight is not easy. If it was, everyone would be able to do it. One of the great things you will discover as you finish the detox is the fact that your world did not end because of your decision. You are still standing there healthy and with energy. You were more powerful than your mind’s craving for certain foods.

veggie soup

Veggie soup…similar to one I made. Super good!!!

I think one of the greatest lessons people who loose weight learn is that although food is delicious, and always nice as a treat, its main purpose is not satisfy every single taste bud. It is to fill our bodies with the nutrients it needs. The purpose of food is to keep us HEALTHY. The purpose of food is to keep us ALIVE, not kill us. When we have made that distinction and learned that lesson it is always a little easier to pick the salad than fried chicken.



P.S. Detox Participants: I will be posting veggie recipes and pinning some on pinterest to help you out through the week.

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Afternoon Dollies,

I’m making up for not writing all week 😛 .

I just wanted to put up a quick recipe entry. One that I made and really loved! It was truly delicious. I thought I had taken a bunch of pictures of it too, but I can’t find them. 😦 Sad. I will have to make it again and take more pics for all of you.

As I was going through my 7 day detox I was really limited as to what to eat. At least I believed so, but I wasn’t really. I was just not really aware of how to cook with vegetables. I had never had to experience cooking with just veggies. Well I got on my computer and on the good old internet and found some awesome recipes. This is one.

The recipe is super simple, super easy. All you do is get the veggies, cut them up, boil the broth, and empty them into the pot. Add a little creole, or a lot. Depending what you like. Leave it to simmer for 30 minutes and bam! Awesome soup!

I can not recommend this soup enough. It is healthy, it is stocky, and it fills you up!!! AND YOU CAN EAT AS Screen shot 2013-02-01 at 10.01.52 AMMUCH AS YOU WANT OF IT!!!!!

The recipe calls for chicken broth, but I easily replaced that with vegetable broth. I am sure it would be as tasty with chicken broth. Dollies try it out!




P.S. Make sure to leave a nice comment to the lady that put up this post! I mean if you liked it. 😛

Are you ready to transform?

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Happy Friday Dollies,

Oh my gosh I can not believe it is Friday already! Much less that it is almost the end of January. Time flies by too quickly.

Many people have asked me how I lost the weight and its a bit hard for them to believe that it was just a matter of dropping the grains and exercising that got the ball rolling for me. As I have come to loose the weight I have realized just how miserable I was being so overweight and amazed that no one ever really pointed it out. If I was getting drunk every night, someone would have said something. If my arm was full needle points, someone would have said something. Yet, as I gained the pounds no one mentioned anything about my health or happiness.

BEFORE: Me at some 200lb weight. I can't believe its me. :O

BEFORE: Me at some 200lb weight. I can’t believe its me. :O

AFTER: Halloween 2012

AFTER: Halloween 2012

After: 2012

After: 2012

As I have transformed into another person I have decided to help those women who are READY to change. Who all that they need is a person that they can be accountable to and call/text whenever they feel like they will break their much desired goal. I know that one of the biggest reasons for my success is that I had a friend who was there for me to be accountable to and to help me change the way I viewed myself.

My program will revolve around consulting my clients in creating a healthy diet, creating an exercise regime fit for your needs, constant support, education about food and its labels, along with transforming your image to the one you have always desired/wanted to be. Or perhaps an image you once were, but somehow got lost. Not to mention a few beauty tips once in awhile. 😉

Detox Kit plus Carb & Fat Inhibitor and a CLA which focuses on belly fat.

Detox Kit plus Carb & Fat Inhibitor and a CLA which focuses on belly fat.

I will be using the tools of the program to guide breaking your bad eating habits. I have chosen this program because it is so close to what I did. It provides a guideline and the supplements needed to loose that weight. It is a tool I can use to teach you that this is not only a 12 week thing, but a lifetime lifestyle change. A change I am positive you will then take to those closest to you. The ones you want to make sure they are with you for a very long time.

Included in the program is also a journal for your 12 week process. :D

Included in the program is also a journal for your 12 week process. 😀

If you are interested and ready to loose that weight, then let me know! I am ready to begin this journey with you. If you are tired of wishing you could wear certain clothes or wanting to have some control over your eating, I am ready to help you. Are you ready to realize you could live a full healthy life? I heard a story from a friend about a 40 year old having a heart attack and having to have bypass surgery.That is too young! Too young to have the possibility of death knocking at your door, all because food has become more important than you. Take control of your present and future. Contact me for more info! I have a special deal for the first five Transformations. Are you ready? I am!

Some inspiration! Read on, Click on the pictures. 😀 >>>

Karen lost 100lbs!

Karen lost 100lbs!

Body Fat from 30% to 14%! And a mom too!

Body Fat from 30% to 14%! And a mom too!

Love ya all dollies.



Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Morning Dollies,

As mentioned in earlier entries I began a new weight loss program. The program has two options: a rapid weight loss program and a steady weight loss program.

The reason I chose this program is because many people have asked how I lost weight and it is very hard for me to give them a structured plan. Since at the beginning it wasn’t really structured. I just stopped eating bread and anything with grains.

This program’s “Rapid Results” section is basically what I did, but it is developed and structured to help people loose weight quickly. I am not doing the “Rapid Results” one, but the “Sure & Steady Success” one because I am no longer trying to loose a lot of weight, but I am toning my body and loosing 10 pounds of fat.

Isotonix Multi-Vitamin & Isotonix OPC-3

Isotonix Multi-Vitamin & Isotonix OPC-3

Either program, you choose though, begins with a “Detox” part. In this Detox the body cleanses out all the bad stuff out of your system. During the detox all you are allowed to eat is vegetables and fruits. There are specific veggies you cant eat like, potatoes or yams. Yet, you have a large variety to choose from.

Along with your veggies and fruits, you are also taking a carb & fat inhibitor, a multi-vitamin, and a OPC-3 (helps with joints, cholesterol, and blood glucose) supplements.



Two hours after your first meal you also take 2 release tablets and Advanced Fiber Powder. These are also part of the 7-Day Cleansing and Detoxification Process. IMAG1312

One of the reasons I decided to actually begin this program was because I really do want to begin helping women loose weight. I have a lot of experience in restraining myself from grains and I know how the “Rapid Results” program will run, but I had no experience with detoxing or breaking my current plateau.

I have gone through the Detox part of the program and will bring you more info on that. If you have any questions on the program please feel free to ask me. 🙂

Have an awesome Wednesday dollies.



Starting a new program

Friday January 18th, 2013

Hola Dollies,

It is a new year and therefore new beginnings. As most of you know I have lost about 80lbs. and then have proceeded to really tone up my body. So although I do stand at 140lbs. I do not show it as much. I have been able to fit to a size 6 and that has made me super happy.

Yet, as hard as we all try there is that one area in our bodies that is as stubborn as a mule. For me that is the tummy area. I have tried giving my abs some much needed attention. What did I get? I can feel the muscle hardening, yet the rolls above it are still there. As much effort as I put in exercising, I know it is my diet that needs cleaning.

Now may people have said how awesome and beautiful I look. How I do not need to put myself through more habit changing programs. How I should be happy with how I look know and not be such a narc for not eating bread all the time, etc. Yet one thing that I want to get across in this blog and with this program, is that it is not that easy. Food is just not food for me. Food for me was a drug, IS a drug. I am making the big change from using food as a drug to using food as a nutrient, for its real purpose. This is a huge transition that is not going to end.

So, yes I do look good, but under the clothes there are still fat that I know does not belong there. That I know is NOT what I WANT. If I don’t want it, then I won’t have it. No matter how much other people are trying to fit me into what they believe to be healthy or normal.

A little make-up picture. I love the green combo!

A little make-up picture. I love the green combo!

Therefore, I have decided to begin a weight loss solution in order to change what is left to change in my eating habits. I am hoping that through this more of the belly fat is gone.

The program is called TLS Weight Loss Solution and the reason I decided to go for this product is because it really is not a cut everything and loose weight, but a “we will teach you how to eat properly.” The first step of the program is a detox in which all that is consumed is veggies and fruits. I am looking forward to this detox in order to really clean out my system.

A little pic of the TLS Health Book

I did a minor one awhile ago, but not as intense as this. I am really excited to just have my body cleaned out of all that is left that shouldn’t be there. I will be talking about it here in my blog and letting you know how my progress moves along! Let me know your thoughts along the way.




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