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Thursday April 18th, 2013


Alrigties I have two videos for you all today. Music is very important for my work outs. It is what keeps me pushing set after set, especially towards the end when I have been pushing for an hour or so. One of THE songs that just gives me that oomph….that mean push to keep going is Mercy by Kanye West.

I use this song for my hard exercises. Here is an example in which I ALWAYS use this song for. I use it a lot during my leg days, but especially at the end when I do Barbell Step-Ups. In these exercises you put a barbell over your shoulders, like you do when you are going to do a squat, then step up and down on a platform.

Depending on the day I can go from having 20lbs to 30lbs on the barbell. Then I push to do at least 12 reps for sets 1 and 2. During that time the song plays almost to the end and I have to restart it at some point. By the time I get to the 3rd set I am set up at the beginning of Kanye’s part. On my third set I set myself up to do 12 reps in each leg. After those 12 reps I begin alternating my legs as I step up and down the platform. I keep going until the end of the song. I do not let myself stop until the song has stopped. By the end not only is my heart rate up, but I am a little sweaty and feeling like a BEAST! I feel so strong and powerful. Like yeah! I just did all that and now WHAT?! I am also finished and ready to hit the showers….that is why I leave it until the end.

I just like the pace of the song and the intensity of it. I do need that male energy in my head blazing when pushing hard. I don’t know what it is…..probably the testosterone energy they are giving off, but I just need that. Not a love song or a club beat, but a hard core song. Which is what this song provides. No, I do not know all the lyrics and I am sure they are not all nice, but whatevers. It is not what matters to me. What matters is that it can trigger my motivation to keep pushing. Have an awesome Thursday!

Mercy by Kanye West

(This is the explicit version.)

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Hello Hello Kitties,

Soooooooo I was thinking what should I write about on Thursdays and I thought nothing! I am just going to share some awesome music. I can not live without music. T.V.  Yes. I can give that up any day, but music I just can’t! It is like crucial for my motivation at the gym and to just give me a boost when I am feeling down.

One of my newly adapted beliefs is not to listen to sad music anymore. I no longer make purchases of songs talking about betrayal, being sad and lonely because they serve no purpose other than to add sadness to my life. Now its not the same as soulful music like Mumford & Sons. Some of their music can be seen as sad., but when I listen is because I am attracted to just the deep intense emotion behind it. Also I will only listen to that soulful music when I am in a good mood. When I am in a bad mood I always pop in my cheerful, clubby music.

That is what I will promote on Thursdays. Good music to keep you going. Do not forget we make emotions mean more than they are supposed to. When we are feeling sad we attach other meanings to it which only increase when you add sad music to the equation. Don’t do it!

“Suffering needs time; it cannot survive in the NOW.” -Eckhart Tolle.

Being sad and punishing ourselves with bad thoughts and emotions needs time and effort. We put effort in bringing ourselves down and we spend time crying in our beds in the fetal position. KNOCK IT OFF! Feel the sadness and then let it go. Do not keep it with you for longer than it needs to. Good music helps … a lot. So here is one to keep you going! Be happy hello kitties.



P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song right now. It is quite new, but I love it because it talks about seeing the future, but living in the now. Realizing that yes we gotta work hard for our future and that one day we will have our own golden castles, but do not let that consume you. Do not forget that you are alive now. Enjoy the moment now. Do not let mistakes or goals let you forget you are only given this second and at any moment you can stop breathing and existing. OUR EXISTENCE IS NOT A CERTAINTY.


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