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Well it has been way too long since I last wrote an entry. Many things in my life have changed one of them being the rather lack of time or motviation to cram as much as possible in a day as I used to have before. Yet, the need to write has brought me back to this little blog. I have a desperate need for my voice to be heard as I feel that it is one that is not that common. Recently many topics have come up in regards to weight loss, beauty, and sex and I want all of ya to hear meeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Anywhooos. A quick update and then let’s get going!

I no longer live in California. I know quite a shame. I am missing it even more right now. I moved back to Alaska. I am happy with that decision since last time that I was here I was a complete hermit. I lived in Alaska for four years and did nothing but watch tv and stayed inside. I plan to change that this year. 

I have a new job that makes my days go super freaking fast, but also take up a lot of my time, which makes it hard to spend time on me, but its balancing itself out. 

Alright…thats all you have to know so far! I am looking forward to my soap box days! .




Thursday April 18th, 2013


Alrigties I have two videos for you all today. Music is very important for my work outs. It is what keeps me pushing set after set, especially towards the end when I have been pushing for an hour or so. One of THE songs that just gives me that oomph….that mean push to keep going is Mercy by Kanye West.

I use this song for my hard exercises. Here is an example in which I ALWAYS use this song for. I use it a lot during my leg days, but especially at the end when I do Barbell Step-Ups. In these exercises you put a barbell over your shoulders, like you do when you are going to do a squat, then step up and down on a platform.

Depending on the day I can go from having 20lbs to 30lbs on the barbell. Then I push to do at least 12 reps for sets 1 and 2. During that time the song plays almost to the end and I have to restart it at some point. By the time I get to the 3rd set I am set up at the beginning of Kanye’s part. On my third set I set myself up to do 12 reps in each leg. After those 12 reps I begin alternating my legs as I step up and down the platform. I keep going until the end of the song. I do not let myself stop until the song has stopped. By the end not only is my heart rate up, but I am a little sweaty and feeling like a BEAST! I feel so strong and powerful. Like yeah! I just did all that and now WHAT?! I am also finished and ready to hit the showers….that is why I leave it until the end.

I just like the pace of the song and the intensity of it. I do need that male energy in my head blazing when pushing hard. I don’t know what it is…..probably the testosterone energy they are giving off, but I just need that. Not a love song or a club beat, but a hard core song. Which is what this song provides. No, I do not know all the lyrics and I am sure they are not all nice, but whatevers. It is not what matters to me. What matters is that it can trigger my motivation to keep pushing. Have an awesome Thursday!

Mercy by Kanye West

(This is the explicit version.)

Miss my blog…


Hello dollies!!! I miss writing in my blog. Been busy with work and teaching applications/interviews. Next week I kind of get a lot more time so will be catching up then! Pix is me catching my breath after 20 minutes HIIT sprint. 15 seconds sprints, 1 minute rest. At first I thought it would be super easy…. NOT. lol. Loving it though.

Thursday February 28th, 2013

Hello my gym enthusiasts….or not.

I can not express the excitement I am in, in order to start Greg Plitt’s MFT 28 program from Body Building Website. I just finished a 30 day to 6 pack program and that kinda has set something off in my brain and motivation. I just want to push harder. I want to sweat like all those other weight lifters.

Looks yummy! hehe...

Looks yummy! hehe…

Currently I am taking this week off of intense work-outs to get ready for this program. There are a lot of new exercises that I have never done before. The MFT 28 program focuses on weight training at a rather rapid pace. Which means I can’t be “figuring” out my starting weight during my first week. That has to be established before. I am doing that this week and practicing the exercises as well. Do not want to get hurt, other than the good “sore” feeling.

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 5.44.37 PM

The plan calls for working out twice a day. Starting your day with a very INTENSE work-out, which means low reps, high weights. Then at night you repeat the same work-out exercise at night but instead of focusing on weight, you focus on fat burning. Which means higher reps lower weights. EXCITING!!!!!!

This exercise is the one I am so freaking excited for!!!!

This exercise is the one I am so freaking excited for!!!!

The plan also calls for a rather specific diet, an almost all juice/shake diet. Basically you take a protein shake before each work-out, one after each work-out. So that is 4 protein shakes per day. One full proper clean meal. High-Protein, low-carb, caveman meal. You can eat until you are full. This meal is taken as your lunch. Between workouts and your meal you also take a bridge liquid meal, which is basically casein powder and water/milk. The bridge meal before lunch can be mixed up with some fruit and veggies, but the one you take before going to bed has to be just the powder and milk.

Basic Meal Plan .... all liquid. :O

Basic Meal Plan …. all liquid. :O

The diet is what worries me the most. I mean its an intense work-out then to just follow it with shakes and juices. Funny how the food is what worries me more, than the pain I will be in from the soreness. *shakes head*

Anywhoos check out the program! Would love to have some people do it with me. Lol. It would be a great experiment. 🙂

Wish me luck!!! Eeeeekk!!!



Watch the first 5 minutes….the Giant Set is what I am MOST excited about!!! That looks awesome! 

Wednesday February 20th, 2013

Wednesday Foodie: Brussels Sprouts

Hello Dollies!!!

Today’s recipe comes from Pinterest. (The origin of the recipe comes from Martha Stewart’s website. Crisp Brussels Sprouts Leaves.) I was looking for recipes that dealt with just veggies and came across this brussels sprouts recipe. It seemed simple and easy enough to pull off. I gave it a shot.

The recipe calls for the brussels sprouts to be trimmed and the leaves separated. Seems like a pretty simple task until you actually do it. Separating all those leaves from the small ball of the brussels sprout is not the fastest task. It didn’t take me forever, but the prepping time of 15 minutes are mostly all spent on doing that task.

Once you separate the leaves and such it is pretty simple afterwards. You toss them with some olive oil, walnuts, lemon zest, lemon juice, and salt & pepper. Put them in the oven a few minutes and done!

My lemony brussels sprouts leaves. :D

My lemony brussels sprouts leaves. 😀

Mine didn’t really have a crispy taste to them. Some of them did, but most didn’t. I didn’t want to leave them in longer because they had began burning around the edges. Took them out and served them. They were pretty tasty. I did enjoy that they had some flavor to them.

Future Modifications:

Some future modifications that I would do is perhaps adding some spicy ingredient to it. The leaves idea is great if you are entertaining and kinda want to present them nicely, but for just eating at home I think I would just cut them in ¼.

Overall, it is a great recipe for brussels sprouts and making them edible. So give it a shot!

Happy future *nom* *nom*.



Click on the picture for the recipe.

Click on the picture for the recipe.

Oh my gosh!!! For all those who need a little motivation whether it is with weight loss or anything else. Check him out!!!

Gen Y Girl

Just a little wake-up call from a pretty smart kid 😀

Watch this…it only takes three minutes and it’s definitely worth every second.

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 (This post was meant for Tuesday, but was unable to post.)

Hola Dollies,

I am writing this entry in order to really explain my belief on how we have let beauty’s power go unused or used against us. As mentioned in my previous entry, women have gone to extreme measures to hide their beauty, especially in the professional world. One of the things I want to make sure we understand is that if we would of made those changes to really try and get ahead in that world then it wouldn’t be so bad. Yet, it wasn’t. Women did not place themselves in shapeless suits and boring hair dos to truly get ahead, they did it order to save themselves the judgment of other people, especially other women.

As a group we have decided that any women who shows off her beauty (in any way) is inferior. Inferior because we believe that she is only successful because of her beauty, not because of what skills/knowledge she must possess.

For example, supermodels. They work day after day to perfect their beauty, to become successful through their beauty. So naturally most of us consider them inferior when it comes to “normal”. We think they are dumb, they starve themselves, they have no real skills or abilities other than walking up and down the catwalk. Then we only approve of them when they somehow conform to one of our standards like raising a family (Heidi Klum).



As a result of this negativity towards beauty, we have uglyfied ourselves (yes I made that word up), in order to make sure other women knew we succeeded due to our brains and skills and not our beauty. We did this in order to appease other women. To make sure other women would not judge us. To make sure another woman would not claim that you got that promotion or that raise because you are blonde, or have bigger boobs, or that you wear skirts and colorful attractive tops, or perhaps because you took time to do your make-up and hair.

Because isn’t it common knowledge that Beauty is just not smart?

Yet, what we fail to see is that what would help us to get ahead, especially in a man’s world, is what we posses. Is what we were born with. Is what the universe GAVE to us to fight our way through this world. OUR BEAUTY. We were given this gift.

No man will ever be as BEAUTIFUL as a woman. They can be hot as hell and let me tell you, MEN USE THEIR HOTNESS. When was the last time a salesman approached you in sweat pants, messy hair, and facial hair out of control? Never. They wear their suits (that F.Y.I. suits were made for men), they spray on their good smelling cologne, they shave or trim their facial hair, and put a little effort into making sure their hair looks proper. They show off a confidence of “I know it all because I am man”. If they know you are married, they will begin talking about their own family as well. If you are single they put more interest in your personal life than their own. They own what tool the universe gave them, their manhood.


Stop worrying about making another woman uncomfortable or her judging you. Its time we OWN the tool that was given to us, our beauty. Our ability to have a man forget he was eating his favorite steak and watch you enter a room instead. Take our beauty and empower us. Our beauty, plus our brains. A deadly combination. Use it!

Empower yourself dollies.




Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Hello Dollies!!!

This will be a quick post today. I just wanted to share with you a song that has pushed me through the last minutes of cardio. It never fails.

I don’t know about all of you out there, but I definitely need some music to go with my working out. Especially if its cardio because I need it to take me somewhere else instead of the feeling of my muscles. There have been about 5 songs that have followed me through this weight loss journey. Ones that have pushed me beyond my limits.

One of those songs is “Impacto Remix” Daddy Yankee ft. Fergie. The chorus is really what gets me through those last weights or those last three minutes of my cardio. It tells my brain not to give up. That even though its only a few more calories it will be an IMPACT (which is what Impacto means in Spanish).

The most powerful part is the chorus which repeats “Give it all you’ve got shorty, make an impacto.” That just pushes me forward. It just tells me that RIGHT NOW in those TWO minutes I can make a difference to my body. It doesn’t matter the past or the future. If I give everything right now…I will make an impact on my body, on the fat, and be what I want to be. Magically, I look forward and push that last set or the end of my cardio.

Won’t bore you with more definitions of the song for me. Here it is! Enjoy! What is your favorite work out song that pushes you beyond the limit?!





Thursday, January 24th 2013

Afternoon Dollies,

Warm up Olive Oil with minced garlic

I wanted to write up a quick entry today on a healthy substitute for pizza. I can officially say that the cravings for bread at are at a minimal now a days. I can pass by cakes, cupcakes, pies, and loafs of bread and have no desire for them. Yet, one of the breads that I continue to battle with is pizza. It just too much to handle! The smell of all the toppings, the cheese, and that just out of the oven bread smell. It is always such a temptation. One that I overcome most days, but some fail.

I was making a healthy addition to a quesadilla when I thought about just letting the tortilla flat on the skillet and leaving it open with all the toppings exposed. My quessapizza.

Dump in fresh Spinach

Dump in fresh Spinach

It is rather simple and I believe a lot better that consuming all the bread from a regular pizza. Not to mention if you have kids, it is a great way for them to make their own pizza. Check it out!




Sauté for five minutes

Sauté for five minutes


Add Marinara sauce and some cheese

Add Marinara sauce and some cheese


Add the spinach and any other toppings.

Add the spinach and any other toppings.


  • 1 whole wheat tortilla
  • 2- 3 tbsp of Marinara Sauce
  • Cut up Spinach
  • Low-Fat Mozzarella Cheese
  • Any other toppings you wish for
  • Olive Oil ( I use the cooking spray kind)
  • Minced Garlic (to your taste)


  1. Warm up the olive oil and garlic until it gives off the garlicky smell. (About 30 seconds)
  2. Dump the spinach on the skillet and sauté for about five minutes. (It will be more manageable if you cut it up before you put it in the skillet.)
  3. After finishing up with the spinach, warm up another skillet. At the same time warm up the tortilla. Just enough to make it warm. Then lower the heat to a minimum.
  4. Spread marinara sauce all over the tortilla.
  5. Add the cheese.
  6. Spread the sauté spinach.
  7. Add any other toppings you want. I had some turkey bacon, so I topped it off with that.
  8. Let the tortilla sit until cheese is melted, this is why you want the heat as low as possible. So the tortilla doesn’t burn, but gets crispy.
  9. Take out, cut out into pizza shapes, enjoy!
Cut up and enjoy!

Cut up and enjoy!




To a new year and new things

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Morning pretty Dollies,

Another morning, another day to do something different! I want to share an experience with you all. Something that I would of never done before. I mean NEVER. Yet, like the saying says: Never say Never.

For many years, due to my weight, I never really celebrated New Year’s the way most young adults do. By going out and having fun with friends. I either spent them alone or I have spent them with family. As much as I love family, New Year’s is just a night you don’t want to be home watching the countdown on T.V. At least not for me.

Especially not this year. After all my hard work on my weight and my diet I wanted to show off my work and have fun. The problem? I was in Orange County visiting family and really do not have many friends in the area. I was kind of stuck. Sooooo I began looking through the Craiglist….yes yes .. Craigslist.

NYE-2013I wasn’t looking for anything really specific. I just had a few requirements. It needed to be somewhere close by, with a group of people, and preferably free. *smiles* Who doesn’t like free things? After awhile of looking I found exactly that! A guy was promoting a masquerade party, in which he had free tickets to. I love masks!! So of course, after a couple of texts, I was on a mission looking for a mask. Found the perfect one and began to get ready.

Lady in green is me, with an awesome mask!!!

Lady in green is me, with an awesome mask!!!

Once I got to the meeting area, I will not lie, I was extremely nervous and a little bit afraid. I mean these were a group of people I had never ever met before. I did take my precautions. I had a friend on text. I gave him all my info., where I was, who I was meeting, etc. He assured me he was there for me and to just go in there with confidence. After all, I could also just go home if I didn’t like the group. I went for it.

The group was huge! Which honestly instead of making me more nervous gave me some relief. Immediately I was introduced to people and was made to feel comfortable. It was quite nice. The beginning of the night began with the simple introductions. A few minutes into it pictures began to be taken. I was expecting to be hidden or ignored, like I always had, but I wasn’t. I was part of it and felt the want for me to be part of their group. This is quite a different feeling, one that I really do enjoy. Being wanted.

The night continued its natural path. Going to the lounge, waiting in line, getting in to a rather super packed area, and trying to create enough room around you to shake your hips. Another great thing was that I did not get super crazy drunk! I enjoyed myself with complete strangers and had maybe three drinks for that part of the night.

I am not saying to go meet some stranger and go somewhere with them, but I guess what I am saying is that never be too afraid to try something different. If there is something you WANT, then do anything to get that accomplished. As long as you are being safe. I wanted to party and I did. Not only that, but I got to meet new people who now when I go back to the O.C. I have people to hit up and know they will have something to do.

You only get the present, enjoy it!



P.S. My phone’s camera sucks so didn’t take as many pics as I wanted. =P


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