Tuesday February 12th, 2013

Tuesday Thought: Create the life you want, do not settle for the one given to you.

Hola! Hola!

Good Tuesday to all my pretty dollies out there. Today’s thought comes after some thinking about my life and whining about it. Whining because I thought it was just too hard or that for some reason it should just be given to me.


Wow!!! Best quote I have read in awhile! Amen

We all are given something. We are given a certain destiny, a certain life. Many of us settle for that life. Some of us fit perfectly in the life that is given to us, but most of us in some way or another grow out of it or never really fit into it.  We crave for more, for things that seem out of our reach, things that we believe we were not destined to be or that we somehow do not have the tools for.

It is not an opinion, but a fact. How many people out there dislike their job. I do not mean “I had a bad day at work and I hate it today.” Kind of dislike. The kind that you hate waking up to it, you do not enjoy walking into it, your day in and day out never change and at the end of the day/week/month/year you feel like you really haven’t accomplished much or nothing at all. Yet we continue at it because we feel we have no choice. There is no way out. Worse of all you know that if you sat down for five minutes to really think about what you would rather do it would either be “out of your reach” or somehow have no idea because you never really stopped to examine your life.

That was me. Going through the moods and the stages. Doing what I was supposed to be doing. Graduating from one school to the other, volunteering, working, getting the necessary credentials, getting a job, being an adult. Being the fat blob that life had lead me to become. I was living the life that was given to me without questioning it. Just knowing I hated it. I felt like it was how it was meant to be.

Are you?

Are you?

It wasn’t until this year that I realized that two years ago I stopped living the life that was given to me and made it my own. I took control of my destiny and changed from being and ugly duckling to the swan I have become. Unconsciously, I made the choice to say “I do not want to be an ugly duckling. I want to be a beautiful, unique, desired swan.”

This year I consciously made the choice to begin the business that excites me. To make the difference I have always craved to make. Helping women discover their hidden beauty.

I was so lucky in life (when it comes to education and profession). I was given a profession. It was so easy to become a teacher. I had no obstacles. It was given. I enjoy teaching (do not get me wrong) I really do. Which I am lucky in that way. Yet, I know that it is not all that I crave. For a long time I questioned whether the hard path was mine to take. I mean after all if there was an easy path perhaps that is what I really as meant to be. I was a lazy Mexican. lol

Can't say it better.

Can’t say it better.

Is this new adventure hard? Yes. Is there a big chance of failing? Yes. Do I need to step out of my comfort zone? Yes. Will other people know about my failure? Yes.

On the other side of the coin….Is there a possibility of this becoming a very successful business? Definitely Yes. Will I discover parts of me that I never knew where there? Of course! Will it give me the lifestyle that I so crave to have? Yes. Will it be hard? Yes. Will I be living the life I want? YES! Will people know of my success and crave it? Damn right.

You are the author...not your routine.

You are the author…not your routine.

I have a true belief that we were given a life. A life to not just sit back and let itself play out like a regular old movie, but a life that should play itself like the latest attraction. A life that should be filled with light and laughter. A life that should shine against all the other darkness. A life to be proud at the end of your days. If the end came tomorrow, would you be content? Would be happy for the time given here?

Stop wasting your time living a life that was given to you. Take it, own it, make it YOURS. Do what YOU want with it. Be brave, be hard working, be who you were meant to be.

So ask yourself.

Am I going along with the life given to me?


Am I living the life I am creating for me?