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Be a little dark tonight. ;)

Saturday March 2nd, 2013

Hello beauties out there.,

I hope you are having a joyful Saturday. If you are not, then make it! You only get this Saturday. This Saturday won’t repeat itself. Only ONE March 2nd 2013. On that note, get all prettied up/handsomed up and hit the town. With your friends or on your own. The own part might be a little intimidating, but once you do it a couple of times it gets easier. Trust me I know!

Try this look for your evening out. If it comes out awesome then head on out to a movie or a drink. If not, well then, call it a movie night in and try again! LIVE YOUR LIFE, don’t just exist.

I love the long hair. I can not wait to have it long again. :D

I love the long hair. I can not wait to have it long again. 😀

This was my first time trying to do the smokey eye look, with blacks and a very dark grayish blue. I really like this look. I got rather comfortable with it at one point and was all I wore. Do not make that mistake. Plenty of colorful ways to stand out. And to any ladies out there trying to catch the eye of men. Color is the way to go. Men are attracted to sexy color. A red heel vs. a black heel. A colorful eyeshadow vs. a neutral. All of course with keeping in mind your outfit and all that good stuff.

I also did a bit of the black greyish blue on the bottom lid.

I also did a bit of the black greyish blue on the bottom lid. Not a lot though! 

Yet, the smokey look is still a look that is good to wear once in awhile. I haven’t worn it in awhile. Perhaps I will try it this Friday. 🙂

Now…I created this look a long time ago. I think this is what I did…..lol….I started with a black eyeliner pencil and colored in the bottom lid, topping it off with a black eyeshadow, blending out. On the crease I used a beautiful dark grayish blue. I just love how it looks and blends. It is awesome. With the smokey look it is important that you blend the colors well. Most of my time spent during this creation was just blending the colors to each other and then with the crease blending it out. Without focusing blending it might look too dark and will result in the dreaded raccoon eye look.

muuuaaaaaah *kisses*

muuuaaaaaah *kisses*

The rest of the face I tried to stay very nudeish, but I love lip color, so I added a bit of pink on the lips. People recommend not making the lips so dramatic since your eyes are already the center of attention. I have worn a bright red lip before with this look and I was happy with it. It is all up to you 🙂

Alrighty pretties. Have a very fun Saturday, at home or out.



A play with turquoise

February 22nd, 2013

Happy Friday to all my pretties out there.

One of the things that I love about make-up is that it is colorful. I honestly do not like just sticking to neutrals, browns, and light pinks. I love COLOR. I love that it is unique. Not many women are comfortable wearing vibrant colors.

I remember when I had my 15th birthday, my make-up was done rather vibrantly. Well at least for me at that time. I honestly felt like a clown. So if you are beginning your make-up journey I do recommend starting with the neutrals and low key colors until you get used to having color on your face.

The deep purple is great here because it does help tone down the turquoise just a little bit.

The deep purple is great here because it does help tone down the turquoise just a little bit.

I began right away with vibrant colors when I began my journey into the make-up world. I just loved it. I felt a little weird and was nervous that I was going to LOOK weird, but people began commenting positively on it.

One of my favorite tones is turquoise. I just LOVE the vibrancy it brings and how it attracts attention. Shades of blue are not common colors used. So it is great to be able to manipulate them and wear them.

I really do enjoy the pinks and reds on the lips. I really have never had a desire to "tone" things down. lol

I really do enjoy the pinks and reds on the lips. I really have never had a desire to “tone” things down. lol

In this look I used turquoise as my base and a deep purple for the crease in order to create depth in the look. I can’t remember what I used for the highlighter, but something a little lighter than your natural skin tone works best. I also have a whiteish/shiny eye shadow in the inner eyelid in order to just make it pop. Of course always with a bit of mascara and eyeliner.

Tip of the Day: The first skill you must really acquire is blending. Just like any other skill it takes practice. A lot of practice, but once you have acquired the blending skill ANYTHING is possible.

Try to be a little bold this weekend dollies and add a bit more color to your world. I think you will like it. Have an exciting weekend.





Green, Pink, and the start

Saturday February 9th, 2013

Good Morning Beautiful Dollies,

Well as you all kinda know….well I hope you know. I love BEAUTY and I love what make-up can do to not only bring out your BEAUTY, but make it shine! So I wanted to start posting just pics of me trying on different make-up looks. These will be very short entries, but I really would like to show you all that putting on make-up is not a gift some people are born with. Yes, some do have a natural tendency to be very creative and with little work be able to create extraordinary pieces of art with make-up. Yet, for most of us we work hard at it.

I watched many youtube videos. I would try make-up when I would just have some free time to do it. Yes, you have to make time and you have to put in effort, but all of you can learn how to make up your face and make it super special.

This one was one of my first attempts at make-up. I had seen the ad for the Barbie look and wanted to try it out. Didn’t come out exactly the same, but its alright. I might try it again!




These pictures are a bit after I began loosing weight. You can definitely see a difference. I didn’t back then 😛

Well my blending is not THAT bad. lol


Giving up the peace sign. Very Koreanish. I was in South Korea here. 🙂


This was the look I was going for….its KINDA there. lol



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