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MVM: Pain is Temporary

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Hello Dollies,

The end of the month is here! I swear time just flies when you get older. I wish it could just slow down as slow as it was when I was 20. Dang it!

Today’s motivational video was a game changer for me. It was what finally clicked in me and told me to get organized! For a year and three months I have been battling with this 135-145lbs body. In a year I went from 220 to 140lbs, but since then I have not been able to make much improvement. One of my most frustrating things has been my belly. It just won’t budge. It wont! I keep trying exercise after exercise, but NADA. Now I am not ungrateful for all of my hard work because it has changed my body to look much toner.

One of the things I realized, a few months ago, was that my diet really had to change if I really wanted the belly to change. I had to buckle down and not only eat a clean diet, but a clean designated diet. That means that I would have to plan my meals. Oh how I did not like this idea, I am still not a great fan of it. I kept putting it aside and putting it aside, ignoring the reality facing me. It is no secret that food is key to belly change along with exercise.

It wasn’t until I saw this video that I became determined to make the change. To stop the excuses of “I don’t want to get bored with my food, I don’t have time to plan it all, I don’t want to be eating chicken every day, I like variety in my diet.” It was when I saw those men in the kitchen creating their meals that the truth slapped me across the face. If what I truly desired was a smaller belly then I had to do what they were doing. I had to cook my meals, measure them, and prepare them the cleanest way possible. If I wanted to change my life, I had to change my focus, again. I had changed focus two years ago and accomplished what I set myself to do. Now it was time for another change. It was time to stop wasting my time and see my hard work across my body.

I know what I am worth and I will go for it. I am worth a lot more than variety in my diet. I am worth a lot more than eating a fruit whenever I want. I am worth a lot more than a handful of unplanned nuts. I am worth a lot more than food. Food serves me and not the other way around. Food is meant to create the beauty I desire and nothing more. I believe this step of planning my meals will get me closer to changing my mentality to that.

What is the next change for you? Are you ready to sacrifice what you are, for what you will become.



P.S. I do quite enjoy the energy and speech Mike Tyson gives. Its quite exhilarating. 😀

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Hello Dollies!!!!

It is so good being back! Here is your Monday Motivational Video. This video doesn’t give much in the way of words, but the first phrases mentioned in the video make it a must to watch. The importance of having an Iron Mind to rule the Iron Body is a mandatory lesson to be learned by all people trying to create a change in their lives. A permanent change that is.

“Your body is the mirror to your mind.:” The reason I chose this video is because of that theory. As I continue on this new path, new life, it is clearer each day that if you truly desire to change, your mind must become as strong as your body. Your mind must first create the success then your body will follow.

Like the man at the beginning mentions, we can become whoever we want to be, but we just can’t say it aloud. We also have to envision it, see it in our minds. See ourselves as what we desire to be. Those words claiming that we want to be healthy and fit have to be followed by thoughts of us being healthy and fit. When those thoughts are created then healthy and fit actions will follow. “Thoughts govern our actions.”

One of the things I do in the mornings is to take some time to get out of bed. I lay in bed, stretch my body, hug the warmness that surrounds me, and I look up at my vision board. I envision myself as a powerful beauty. That gives me the right energy to start my day happy.

Dollies and Gents, out there., do not forget to work-out your mind as well as your body. An Iron body needs an Iron Mind to keep it on track. Work on those positive thoughts and emotions. Rid yourself of the negativity that you have created. Say it, Envision it, Create it.

Happy Monday!



Monday March 4th, 2013

Hello my fearless readers.

Today’s motivational video is a little movie focused, but I just needed me a little Rocky Balboa action. I think I need to watch that movie. Lol. Today I am starting my MFT 28 program. I am a little scared of failing. Not being able to push as hard as it is demanded, but worse of all that perhaps at the end of 28 days there won’t be a difference. Which I know is a big FAT ASS LIE that my old fat self is pushing at me.

THERE WILL BE A CHANGE!!! Whether my eating changes or the body, the MIND will definitely change after these 28 days because I will be able to do things that I have never done before.

Someone in the video states “I am motivated by fear.” That is so true of me. I have always been. Before though I would let it motivate me to eat more and suppress that fear. Now the fear is that I will go back to being the little overweight girl I used to hate being. Now my fear is of letting all the hard work I have put in so far go to waste. That is why I work-out as much as I do because I have worked too hard to just let it fall.

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU?! To get up every morning and hit that gym or that asphalt?

All you chumps will bow down….I will show all of ya how great I am!!!! Another great saying in the video. What we do, what you are doing to change your life….thousands of people run from it. Do not ever forget that and especially do not forget it in moments of weakness and cravings. You are 1 in a 100.

“Now if you know what you’re worth, go out and get what you’re worth, but you gotta be willing to take the hits and not pointing fingers saying you aint where you want to be cause of him or her anybody, cowards do that and that aint you!” -Stallone.

Daaaammmmnnnn I didn’t know he had that IN him. Amen. Go get what you are worth!!! Finger pointing is for the lazy, for the weak, for the cowards. In order to live you can not point fingers. You have to take action and take what you are worth!

I can’t say much about this video. It does the work itself. I will be watching this video in the mornings to get me set up. To set me up for success.. I was not fortunate enough to have a mother or father who promoted this. Who told me every day that I was a champion, that I could always do whatever I wanted, that I could change not only the world, but most importantly myself. I do not blame or judge it is just a fact.

But I will give it to myself. Who am I? I am the champion!!!!!

WHO AM I ?!!!!!!!!!!! I AM THE CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thursday February 28th, 2013

Hello my gym enthusiasts….or not.

I can not express the excitement I am in, in order to start Greg Plitt’s MFT 28 program from Body Building Website. I just finished a 30 day to 6 pack program and that kinda has set something off in my brain and motivation. I just want to push harder. I want to sweat like all those other weight lifters.

Looks yummy! hehe...

Looks yummy! hehe…

Currently I am taking this week off of intense work-outs to get ready for this program. There are a lot of new exercises that I have never done before. The MFT 28 program focuses on weight training at a rather rapid pace. Which means I can’t be “figuring” out my starting weight during my first week. That has to be established before. I am doing that this week and practicing the exercises as well. Do not want to get hurt, other than the good “sore” feeling.

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 5.44.37 PM

The plan calls for working out twice a day. Starting your day with a very INTENSE work-out, which means low reps, high weights. Then at night you repeat the same work-out exercise at night but instead of focusing on weight, you focus on fat burning. Which means higher reps lower weights. EXCITING!!!!!!

This exercise is the one I am so freaking excited for!!!!

This exercise is the one I am so freaking excited for!!!!

The plan also calls for a rather specific diet, an almost all juice/shake diet. Basically you take a protein shake before each work-out, one after each work-out. So that is 4 protein shakes per day. One full proper clean meal. High-Protein, low-carb, caveman meal. You can eat until you are full. This meal is taken as your lunch. Between workouts and your meal you also take a bridge liquid meal, which is basically casein powder and water/milk. The bridge meal before lunch can be mixed up with some fruit and veggies, but the one you take before going to bed has to be just the powder and milk.

Basic Meal Plan .... all liquid. :O

Basic Meal Plan …. all liquid. :O

The diet is what worries me the most. I mean its an intense work-out then to just follow it with shakes and juices. Funny how the food is what worries me more, than the pain I will be in from the soreness. *shakes head*

Anywhoos check out the program! Would love to have some people do it with me. Lol. It would be a great experiment. 🙂

Wish me luck!!! Eeeeekk!!!



Watch the first 5 minutes….the Giant Set is what I am MOST excited about!!! That looks awesome! 

MVM: The death of excuses

Monday February 26th, 2013

MVM: Never, Ever Give Up, Arthur’s Transformation Story

Happy Monday!!!

Today’s motivational video comes from a man named Arthur. His transformation is incredible! Unbelievable really. It is a must see video. It really shows how dedication and commitment can transform your life.

Weight loss, along with many other things in life, are not easily attained. Many of us back down on the face of hard work and determination. We look at it and instead of embracing it we run to the darkness and wallow in our failures. Then, as humans, we create all these excuses in order to justify that running away. We never take responsibility for them. We never REALLY take responsibility for them.

We blame it on work, on society, on the temptations of fast food, on our schedules, on our body, on our families, and we blame it on life. “Oh its not fair! How come I was given this life? Why can I just have been born a skinny person?” (That was me). We curse the gift that was so preciously given to us.

At the moment you let go of excuses, at the moment you take responsibility, at the moment you decide to face hard work and embrace determination that is the moment your life will begin to bloom. That is the moment you will begin to live. LIVE the LIFE that was given to you.

This isn’t just about weight loss, but about anything that might be standing in the way of living a happy fulfilled life. Your career, lifestyle, residence, family, self-being, they should all be making you happy. If you do not wake up with a smile on your face, then change it. There are no excuses for not living a happy life.

This man had many “acceptable” excuses, but he didn’t accept them. He faced hard work and embraced determination. He stumbled many times, yet he got up every single time. When was the last time you got up?



Thursday February 21st, 2013

Good Day to all my pretties out there.

I am so happy. I want to celebrate my big accomplishment of sticking to a 30 day ab program and finishing it. My 30th day was yesterday with a 30 minute uphill treadmill cardio. The program calls for 6 days of gym time, 3 of those 6 days has two visits to the gym. One in the morning for cardio and one in the evening for the strength training.

I am including a little review on the program and pictures of my work log. The pictures are of sets that I am most proud of or of sets that I didn’t think I could do, but I did!

In this set I progressed from just lifting the bar (0 lbs) and at the end being able to lift 10lbs.

In this set I progressed from just lifting the bar (0 lbs) and at the end being able to lift 10lbs.

The Program: 30 Days to 6-Pack Abs by bodybuilding.com 

The Good:

  • I like that the program is 30 days. A month goes so quickly.
  • Awesome variety in strength training. Something different each work-out session.
  • When it came to the ab workouts they were exercises both repetitive and new. You can see the improvement.
  • It gives you an idea of how much time you should be resting. It is so hard for a new person going into training to know how much to rest.
  • With designated reps and sets it gives you a sense of pushing yourself since you only have a specific number of sets or reps to do with each exercise.
Oh my gawd! I was so afraid to do these. I saw myself falling on my arse. So far I have not and now can go 10 on my first set. Yay!

Oh my gawd! I was so afraid to do these. I saw myself falling on my arse. So far I have not. Now I can go 10 on my first set. Yay!

The Bad ( I am a gym rat….so I don’t have a lot… lol):

  • The two day at the gym situation. At some points I did want to work-out. I wanted to do cardio, but I was so sick of the going indoors. I began doing hikes and outdoor jogging/walks. After awhile though it gets to you, but for me it was just a couple of times during the month.
I was able to press 25lbs in each side!!!! yyeeeaaaaaah *flexes muscles*

I was able to press 25lbs in each side!!!! yyeeeaaaaaah *flexes muscles*


  • You have to have deep commitment to go to the gym 6 times out of the week for four weeks and a few days.
  • When you get bored of the gym, get ready to hit the outdoors.
  • No EXCUSES. There is no room for “I am tired days”. You only have one rest day and it is planned. You are going to have to just tough it out.
  • Push yourself! Just be safe. The program really makes you feel like you have to push yourself. Especially like in sets when you only do 6 reps. Just remember to be safe. Especially when dealing with dumbbells. If you have a spotter then you can push harder.
  • If any of the exercises hurt or you are not comfortable with look for an alternative. There is a decline skull crusher in the program. I was totally not comfortable with that just because I do not have a spotter. So I opted out and did it on a flat bench. Don’t hurt yourself!
  • Hit the gym pumped to hit it hard. I mean after all its ONLY 30 days.
This is an example of an exercise I pushed beyond my comfortability. I was used to just doing up to 180lbs. I got up to 240lbs. :D

This is an example of an exercise I pushed beyond my comfortability. I was used to just doing up to 180lbs. I got up to 240lbs. 😀

My Results: I did not go into this program expecting the 6 pack as a result. I went into it because my belly area has just been so hard to get rid of. I was trying all that I knew and not working. So what I was looking for in this program was to see the belly change somewhat. Which it did. A couple of weeks ago I measured myself and had lost 8 inches around my waist. I can definitely see the curve of my waist become more drastic. The belly is also changing shape which is awesome cause that means some of that fat is turning into muscle. I am happy 😀

Felt so good pushing up weight after weigh...I dont know what it is about increasing the weigh each set that is just AWESOME!

Felt so good pushing up weight after weigh…I dont know what it is about increasing the weigh each set that is just AWESOME!

This is using a machine....ugh hard squats, but love the sound the machine made. Made me push harder.

This is using a machine….ugh hard squats, but love the sound the machine made. Made me push harder.

I. do. not. like. these. PERIOD. >.< No weights, no machine, just your body. UGH! But I moved up! :D

I. do. not. like. these. PERIOD. >.< No weights, no machine, just your body. UGH! But I moved up! 😀

With this one I was just happy I was able to go that high using my upper body.

With this one I was just happy I was able to go that high using my upper body.

This was an exercise I was avoiding cause it was going to show me how weak I was with triceps...it became one of my faves. :D

This was an exercise I was avoiding cause it was going to show me how weak I was with triceps…it became one of my faves. 😀



Monday January 21st, 2013

Another lovely day begins Dollies.

I wanted to give you all a little perspective on where I am headed not only in my life, but with this blog. It has taken me some time to really accept that this is what I want to do. I’ve had had this fear or doubt that whether this is something I was really meant for. A couple of months ago though, I went to a meetup group in which one of the statements made there was: “Women are afraid of success”. We procrastinate, or doubt ourselves because we are afraid that that great idea in our heads will actually result in a success. That’s when I woke up and realized, this is what was holding me back. My fear that this would actually realize itself. My dream would be reality.

beautyAs a result of my transformation I have come to realize how we (women) have robbed ourselves from all the power our beauty possesses. How we have let it take a back seat in order to justify ourselves with other accomplishments. How in order to justify our success we have made ourselves ugly to make sure they know it was through our brains and not our beauty that we succeeded. One example: the corporate/business world. Women have taken to wearing little to no make-up, cutting their hair really short, wearing slacks and suits, in order to assimilate in the male dominated world. In order to become similar to them. So instead of using our natural weapon, beauty, we try to use what is not ours. (More on this subject on this blog entry) Sunny Buns Beauty

As a result of that I have decided to make a difference in that negative stereotype we hold about beauty. I am dedicating myself to move through this world changing the way women view their beauty. Not to just be pretty for the sake of being pretty, but for empowering our lives. Empowering us to break that glass ceiling with the hammer we naturally posses, OUR BEAUTY.

My dream is to enter women’s lives and have them change the way they see themselves through make-up and fitness. To realize that their professional world, as well as their personal world, could dramatically change to their favor if they just took control of what the universe gave them to use.


My ideal dream is that in fifteen years I have a location in which a woman could enter and begin her journey to empowering herself. Beginning from learning the importance of exercise, eating healthy, to the use of plastic surgery ( if so needed), to having make-up lessons, fashion guides, and a salon to teach her to expose her beauty. As she went through that learning experience she would also be pushed to improve her self image and demand the world notices it as well. She would experience and see the power that beauty brings. A power that was already there, but was not being used (or worse was being used against her).A cosmetics line that targets custom make-up for women.

A cosmetics line that targets custom make-up for women.

At the moment I will be starting small and I have found a product and company that will provide the tools for me to get started in my journey. I am very excited to have found them as they provide a variety of tools that will be essential in my journey. I will be speaking about them here in my blog and hope some of you get inspired to get started in your own journey!

A weight loss program focusing on teaching how to eat healthy and exercise.

A weight loss program focusing on teaching how to eat healthy and exercise.




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