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Thursday February 28th, 2013

Hello my gym enthusiasts….or not.

I can not express the excitement I am in, in order to start Greg Plitt’s MFT 28 program from Body Building Website. I just finished a 30 day to 6 pack program and that kinda has set something off in my brain and motivation. I just want to push harder. I want to sweat like all those other weight lifters.

Looks yummy! hehe...

Looks yummy! hehe…

Currently I am taking this week off of intense work-outs to get ready for this program. There are a lot of new exercises that I have never done before. The MFT 28 program focuses on weight training at a rather rapid pace. Which means I can’t be “figuring” out my starting weight during my first week. That has to be established before. I am doing that this week and practicing the exercises as well. Do not want to get hurt, other than the good “sore” feeling.

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 5.44.37 PM

The plan calls for working out twice a day. Starting your day with a very INTENSE work-out, which means low reps, high weights. Then at night you repeat the same work-out exercise at night but instead of focusing on weight, you focus on fat burning. Which means higher reps lower weights. EXCITING!!!!!!

This exercise is the one I am so freaking excited for!!!!

This exercise is the one I am so freaking excited for!!!!

The plan also calls for a rather specific diet, an almost all juice/shake diet. Basically you take a protein shake before each work-out, one after each work-out. So that is 4 protein shakes per day. One full proper clean meal. High-Protein, low-carb, caveman meal. You can eat until you are full. This meal is taken as your lunch. Between workouts and your meal you also take a bridge liquid meal, which is basically casein powder and water/milk. The bridge meal before lunch can be mixed up with some fruit and veggies, but the one you take before going to bed has to be just the powder and milk.

Basic Meal Plan .... all liquid. :O

Basic Meal Plan …. all liquid. :O

The diet is what worries me the most. I mean its an intense work-out then to just follow it with shakes and juices. Funny how the food is what worries me more, than the pain I will be in from the soreness. *shakes head*

Anywhoos check out the program! Would love to have some people do it with me. Lol. It would be a great experiment. 🙂

Wish me luck!!! Eeeeekk!!!



Watch the first 5 minutes….the Giant Set is what I am MOST excited about!!! That looks awesome! 

Starting a new program

Friday January 18th, 2013

Hola Dollies,

It is a new year and therefore new beginnings. As most of you know I have lost about 80lbs. and then have proceeded to really tone up my body. So although I do stand at 140lbs. I do not show it as much. I have been able to fit to a size 6 and that has made me super happy.

Yet, as hard as we all try there is that one area in our bodies that is as stubborn as a mule. For me that is the tummy area. I have tried giving my abs some much needed attention. What did I get? I can feel the muscle hardening, yet the rolls above it are still there. As much effort as I put in exercising, I know it is my diet that needs cleaning.

Now may people have said how awesome and beautiful I look. How I do not need to put myself through more habit changing programs. How I should be happy with how I look know and not be such a narc for not eating bread all the time, etc. Yet one thing that I want to get across in this blog and with this program, is that it is not that easy. Food is just not food for me. Food for me was a drug, IS a drug. I am making the big change from using food as a drug to using food as a nutrient, for its real purpose. This is a huge transition that is not going to end.

So, yes I do look good, but under the clothes there are still fat that I know does not belong there. That I know is NOT what I WANT. If I don’t want it, then I won’t have it. No matter how much other people are trying to fit me into what they believe to be healthy or normal.

A little make-up picture. I love the green combo!

A little make-up picture. I love the green combo!

Therefore, I have decided to begin a weight loss solution in order to change what is left to change in my eating habits. I am hoping that through this more of the belly fat is gone.

The program is called TLS Weight Loss Solution and the reason I decided to go for this product is because it really is not a cut everything and loose weight, but a “we will teach you how to eat properly.” The first step of the program is a detox in which all that is consumed is veggies and fruits. I am looking forward to this detox in order to really clean out my system.

A little pic of the TLS Health Book

I did a minor one awhile ago, but not as intense as this. I am really excited to just have my body cleaned out of all that is left that shouldn’t be there. I will be talking about it here in my blog and letting you know how my progress moves along! Let me know your thoughts along the way.




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