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Happy Sunday Courageous Ppl!

At the end of the day, especially bad days, do not forget to whisper to yourself  “I will try again tomorrow.” Do not forget courage comes in all sizes and strengths. Try and try again.




Happy Sunday Ppls!!!

This quote is right on! The more and more I see it I truly believe that people who are successful at their dreams do not have qualities better than ours. They just tend to have a will and need to succeed. They push hard to make their dreams real, while most people just take the easy road and believe dreams can never become real. Which one are you?




Another week goes by and another week was lived. You are the creator of your life and of your destiny. You are the sole person responsible for creating what you desire. If you want a specific life then create it, don’t settle for what was given. It is not easy. To really live what your dreams are takes courage and work….a lot of work.




MVM on a Tuesday

Wells …. forgot to schedule this for yesterday, but here it is today! yay! Have an awesome week. 😀

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Happy Lunes Muñequitas!

Today’s motivational video comes from Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The speech given by Arnold states the 6 steps to success . Now I am no expert about his political, movie, or fitness career, but I do know that when it comes to bodybuilding he is one of the most admired bodybuilders out there. He had the body that many bodybuilders now a days work hard for. So give him a shot and check out his little motivating speech. I swear you will be able to understand him!

All the steps are great advice, especially when you are building a body of health and fitness. Yet, one of the steps that really hit home was step 4. Step 4 is Do not listen to those who say you can’t. It hit home for me not because I had people saying I couldn’t, but because I was the one telling myself I couldn’t. I was the one creating all these excuses. “I am tired., I had a long day, I am stressed, I didn’t sleep well, My job is boring, This is how God made me (yes I even blamed it on him), I was meant to be like this.” On and on the excuses went. So then when Arnold mentions that you should not listen to those people who say you can’t, I immediately thought, “including ourselves!”. Do not listen if you are telling yourself it is too hard or that you can not do something. It is just lies invented to keep you in the past that you no longer want to live in. Trust that you can and will be able to achieve it. I do.

Happy Monday!!!




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